25 Ways to Increase Morale at Your Dealership

How to Increase Morale and Prevent Burnout
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In 2013, Gallup estimated that disengaged employees contribute to $450-550 billion per year in lost productivity in the US. 

Despite that, recent articles announced that percentages continues to spike, so what can your company do to increase employee engagement and boost morale?

  1. Provide fair and competitive compensation. Make sure your pay plans include bonuses. (See examples of BDC pay plans here.)
  2. Offer your staff attainable incentives. Constantly give your team something to strive for. 
  3. Provide open communication. Let your staff know why a process has changed and make sure employees feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their opinions. 
  4. Make sure employees feel secure enough to admit mistakes and hold themselves accountable. This will not only boost morale, it will also increase productivity rates as well.
  5. Set up team activities. Spend an hour playing Family Feud, Jeopardy, or Wheel of Fortune. Use questions gathered online or make them specific to information from your company such as year founded, common rebuttals, etc. 
  6. Encourage real breaks. We all want our staff to work hard, but to be most productive, you can’t have team members who are burnt out. Encourage staff to eat away from their desks, exercise, and explore a new environment.
  7. Create pop-up incentives. When you need to give your team that extra boost, a pop-up incentive or mini competition lasting that day or throughout the week can spark new enthusiasm and creativity.
  8. Correct laziness. Good employees notice when others don’t pull their weight. Assign additional responsibilities to those who could use it.
  9. Provide opportunities to leave early. Tell staff members who hit your quota (or break a record) they can go home early.
  10. Create mini performance rewards. Let your best performing worker have an extra fifteen minutes for lunch the next day or decide which music to play..
  11. Give paid time off for birthdays. Let your staff know that they are appreciated, as an individual as well as a worker.
  12. Come up with creative ways to motivate your team. Offer your best performers (and those who are taking initiative) additional Holiday leave or tailored incentives that are employee specific.
  13. Reward effort as well as success. Perseverance should also be rewarded, or you may find your staff becoming less motivated to try.
  14. Be sure to give your staff lots of verbal praise. Even the acknowledgement of hard work can feel like a reward. It is estimated that 78% of employees receive motivation from gaining recognition.
  15. Provide opportunities for growth. Never let your employees feel stuck in their position. Give them the opportunities to lead sales meetings, train new employees, receive additional training, lead training sessions, and take on additional responsibilities that will help them grow within the company.
  16. Hire within. When possible, promote inside your company to let your staff members know that their hard work will pay off and that they don’t have to leave in order to grow.
  17. Make sure employees feel cared for. Offer good benefits and a 401k that provides value to your workers. Make sure the coverage you choose provides a multitude of benefits and also focuses on mental health as well. 
  18. Share information with your team. According to a Slack study, 80% of workers want to know more about how decisions are made in their organization and 87% want their future company to be transparent. 
  19. Provide an uplifting environment. Encourage ALL of your employees, even those whose personality might clash from yours. Your other staff members will notice subtle sly’s and inconsistent treatment, even if they don’t say so.
  20. Celebrate work anniversaries and other accomplishments. Provide rewards for 100 appointments set in the BDC, or 100 sales or contracts signed, or 100 vehicles serviced.
  21. Let employees choose their rewards. Offer a $100 gift card, extended “movie” break, an additional day off, compensated family dinner, etc. Let employees decide what matters most to them.
  22. Create a lenient inclement weather policy for floods, hurricanes, and snow. Let your BDC and other staff members work from home if possible to set up appointments for the following day to keep your staff and customers safe.
  23. Create more flexibility in schedules and limit office hours. It sounds counter productive, but really it isn’t. Instead of having two or three burnt out Finance Managers throughout the day, have two to three energized Finance Managers in the morning and three more in the afternoon. (Try this in other departments as well.)
  24. Have free, healthy snack options and free bottles of water in the break room. Even cost effective options will help your staff feel more appreciated and increase morale.
  25. Lead by example. Make sure you take care of yourself with frequent breaks and encourage open communication with your team. ActiveEngage has a great section on how to “Lead By Example” in this blog post

More than anything, employees want to feel heard, valued, and appreciated. This will lead to a major spike in productivity and morale.

If you need more suggestions on increasing productivity, offering customer incentives, or need ways to increase ROI, contact our team at 833-726-0767.

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