Five Best BDC Training Games

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Whether you have an established BDC or are looking for ways to improve a brand new team, these BDC games are just what you need to keep your BDC ready for the next conversation.

1) “Make a Connection!”

Customers will often derail a conversation if the agent isn’t prepared to link what the customer’s saying to the conversation that they want to have. 

For this game, write down a phrase or topic and give it to Agent A. Their mission is to make Agent B say that phrase. For example, if Agent A was given “I do/don’t like books,” Agent B may be told to start by answering “How many dogs do you have?” The conversation may look something like this:

BDM to Agent B “How many dogs do you have?” (Once the BDM asks the first question, they should not have any more interactions with the players.)

Agent B “I have one dog.”

Agent A “Awe, what do you like doing with your dog?”

Agent B “We like to go for walks.”

Agent A “Does your dog get tired after long walks?”

Agent B “Yeah, but it takes a while.”

Agent A “What do you like doing when he’s tired?”

Agent B “I’ll usually watch tv.”

Agent A “Yeah, I do that a lot, too. Do you also like to read?”

Agent B “Sometimes. Do you?”

Agent A “Oh, yes! I love books. Do you like books?”

Agent B” Yeah, I like books.”

The transition doesn’t have to be seamless, but the agent needs to relate what’s being said to their ultimate goal. The biggest things to look for with this game are: How many questions did Agent A have to ask to get the desired answer? Could the number have easily been decreased while maintaining the flow of the conversation? Were there long gaps between the questions? Did the agent stumble on their words? Did Agent A do a good job relating to Agent B’s interests while guiding the conversation to where they wanted to go? For example, if Agent A responded with “Does your dog ever get tired?” to Agent B’s “I have one dog,” that conversation wouldn’t have flowed. Without flow, your customers’ guards will come up and they will most likely not set an appointment.

2) Script Role-Play for various types of customers. 

Have your team impersonate various types of customers like a wallet-clenching 40 year old who wants a cheap car with low mileage or a 19 year old looking for a fast car with leather interior on a $8k budget. Also be sure to role play with various types of scripts.

3) “Fake it ‘till you make it!” 

Each team member plays the part of an assistant BDM for a week. Their new role comes with new responsibilities. If your BDC doesn’t already do so, they are now expected to answer each other’s T/Os and assist their teammates in setting appointments. This will build confidence in your agents and allow them to handle their own conversations more effectively. It’s also a good way to decide which agents to promote and when.

4) Random Draw.

Have BDRs draw customer responses from a hat like “What’s your lowest price for the 2008 Honda Sedan?” “I was promised $4k for my car a year ago down the street. Can you beat that price?” “Do all of your cars come with a warranty?” “I’m not interested in wasting my time. If I come in, can I meet with your manager?” “If I give you all of my trade credentials, can you give me a price over the phone?” “I’m not coming in to waste my time. I need an OTD price.” Any time an agent gets stumped on a call, ask them what held them up and add that response/question to the random draw box to avoid agents being thrown by that response later.

It is likely that if the “Random Draws” are scheduled, your agents will spend extra time practicing their scripts and rebuttals just before it’s time to select a response. Taking extra time to practice is good, but you and your agents won’t REALLY know what they already know and what they need to learn unless they are surprised by the questions. Be sure to ask your agents questions randomly between their calls or as they enter and leave the room for lunch and/or bathroom breaks.

5. Mystery Bonus! 

When the budget permits, offer a mystery bonus of $150 to the agent who:

Sets the most appointments

Has the best show rate

Has the highest “sold” appointment rate

Brings back the most unsolds

Takes the most T/Os

Has the most assists

Schedules the most long-term leads

Has the best attendance (on time and no call-outs)


Select three or four possibilities for the bonus and let them know that the bonus will be drawn at the end of the week/month. You are likely to see improvements in each of the possible “Mystery Bonus” fields, resulting in much higher profits for your dealership.

For more information on increasing ROI and training a sales BDC, subscribe to our newsletter or contact Patriot Asset Management. We offer free training to all of our customers and are happy to customize options for your business needs.

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