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Inventory Management Systems

Our PAM Inventory Management System (IMS) will track all inventory with multiple features designed specifically for your operation.

PAM will provide automated alerts to your dealership of any vehicle movement after pre-described hours for security as well as vehicles with dead or low batteries to avoid those embarrassing non-start test drives.

How We Do What We Do

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New Revenue Opportunities

PAM will offer your dealership the opportunity to sell Pre-Paid Oil Changes as NEW revenue, therefore producing an ROI.

BHPH Consumer Payment App Benefits

Loan Servicing & Collection

PAM will improve your loan servicing & collections with many high-level asset management features.

Our PAM dashboard will report any devices that have not been reported within 48 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

What other GPS company provides non-reporting device reports?

  • All Vehicles
  • Past Due Vehicles
  • Starter Disabled Vehicles
  • Enabled Payment Reminders
  • Customers assigned for Repossession
  • Device Tampers
  • Power Disconnects
  • Potential Collisions
  • Excessive Mileage
  • Movement Alerts
  • Impound Lot Notifications

Recovery & Repossession

PAM tracking includes every start & stop, 5-minute tracking, “Top Stops,” and “Long Stops” reports, and more for fast and easy recoveries.

Assignable Recovery Orders At The Click of a Button

Recovery App for Agents

Ensure 100% Security and Compliance Privacy

Customized Access for Each Employee

Why Business Owners Love PAM

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Want to increase ROI and gain Customer Retention?

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