Recreational Dealers

Recreational Dealers Solutions by PAM

Stay Connected to Your Customers With Our PAM Smartphone App.
Create NEW Revenue with Service Reminders and Customized Automated Coupons.

Connected Service​

PAM’s Maintenance Management Services provide dealers with critical visibility into the status of key, post-sale maintenance events. This allows earlier service outreach and faster revenue development in the service drive.

  • Predictive Maintenance Reports
  • Scheduled Maintenance Coupons and Discounts
  • Easy export to your CRM
  • Prepaid Oil Changes
  • Automated Maintenance Reminders through
    PAM’s Dealership Smartphone App
  • Increased customer satisfaction and referrals

Connected Consumer Recreational Protection

PAM provides new revenue in your F&I department with our Consumer Protection package, including Stolen Recovery. Our National GPS LTE coverage ensures rapid recovery of any vehicles reported stolen. Your consumer will have access to instant location and many alerts, including low voltage, speed, mileage, movement, geofence boundary alerts, power disconnect, and potential impact alerts.

  • Instant Location
  • Low Voltage Reports
  • Power Disconnect Reports
  • Excessive Speed and Mileage Reports
  • Geofence Boundary Alerts

Connected Driver App​

PAM’s free mobile app delivers high-value  information right to the consumer’s smartphone. With easy-to-use features for monitoring location and maintenance status, plus an integrated messaging service, our mobile app is a powerful tool for generating new dealership profits. PAM provides your dealership the tools to create your own smartphone app to stay connected to your customers, send maintenance reminders, and market to your customers with automated messaging.

  • Location Monitoring
  • Updated Maintenance Status
  • Integrated Messaging Services
  • Connects you to Your Customers
  • Sends Maintenance Reminders
  • Has Customized Automated Messaging

Big Data Analytics

PAM lets dealers visualize key metrics for rapid decision-making.

Big Data Analytics that Provides Your Dealership with:

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