10 Examples of Unique Customer Incentives

Why Incentives are Important for Every Dealership
Patriot Asset Management

Dealers who offer unique customer incentives stand out from their competitors and have higher satisfaction rates than ones who don’t.

To gain more visitors, come up with incentives that are unique to you and get creative. Ask your sales staff to brainstorm ideas, then offer a reward for ideas that are used (or the highest voted). Sales rewards might include a $50 gift card or an extra day off.

You may be surprised at what your staff comes up with. When we tried this exercise at PAM, here is what our team suggested:

  • Prepaid oil changes
  • Periodic maintenance reminders
  • Customized maintenance discounts
  • An extended service package, such as Wheel and Tire or Paint Protection
  • A gift certificate towards wipers, brakes, or tires
  • Reconditioning services for busy parents or dog owners
  • Easy payment methods for subprime customers
  • Mix and Match Services (Any four services for the price of three.)
  • Vehicle Protection or Warranties on used vehicles
  • Safety Alerts and Recall Notifications
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Patriot Asset Management and Patriot Automotive Consulting are serious about vehicle protection. 

PAM lets you provide Stolen Vehicle Recovery, periodic maintenance reminders, customizable coupons and discounts, prepaid oil changes, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery for EVERY car you sell (prime or subprime). With PAM, dealers get to use a Branded Smartphone App to stay connected with their customers post sale. (We also released a Subprime Payment App that will send automatic payment reminders, late payment notifications, and collect payments instantly with very low merchant fees.)

PAC provides additional safety to your customers with GAP and Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC). Both PAC and PAM are happy to customize options for their customers.

If you’d like to learn more, contact [email protected] or call 833-726-0767.

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