Why Business owners Love PAM

Patriot Asset Management (PAM) has been a great advantage to our Lending institution. They handle all aspects of installation of the devices and ensure that our borrowers are set up in the PAM portal in a timely manner.

We have been utilizing their Maintenance Management System and sell our customers prepaid oil changes. The PAM system sends a notification once the customer has passed the mileage threshold for an oil change. The customer takes the electronic coupon to the service center and we get billed monthly for the services provided. It’s a great way to encourage our customers to take care of their vehicle and keep it running smoothly. Selling these Maintenance reminders also provides us with a ROI. It’s a win – win for all involved.

PAM also provides many great features for collections and recovery. The devices provide automatic locate every 5 minutes when the vehicle is moving. The tracking information in the portal is very comprehensive and provides all devise events and history to assist with recovery efforts.

Patriot provides a high level of support and training for their products. They are always helping us customize options for our business needs. They are also great with a timely turnaround for questions and requests. The Patriot team highly values their customers and I know that the PAM staff is only a phone call away and always happy to assist. We have had great success with PAM!

CFG has developed a great partnership with Patriot Asset Management. The suite of automotive products have enabled our company to streamline, mitigate and enhance our risk platform while providing value added products for our customer base. The features offered on their web portal are well thought out and second to none. Finally, their level of customer service is the best I have experienced in my 30 years in risk management. Give them a call to see how they can help your business!

We love working with Patriot Asset Management. PAM offers a simple way to accept more business with a platform that allows me to organize, track, and monitor my dealers and customers. I feel safe knowing that I can monitor my dealer’s installations and ask for help any time I need it and receive a quick response. I love the stability of the GPS devices, tamper alerts, and the non-reporting device dashboard. They make it so easy to run my business and I am so grateful to be working with Patriot Asset Management.

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Want to increase ROI and gain Customer Retention?

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